Saving Grains

Trading Solution
for Grain in Africa

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What do we do?

We create value through

  • Improved quality

  • Traceability

  • Aflatoxin control

We distribute the value created to smallholders and village aggregators.

More about our work


  • Digital platform for informal grain trading

  • Innovative socially secured micro-financing
  • Hermetic storage

  • Sensor technology and machine learning

More about our solution


smallholders in africa
$ 0
of grain is produced by underserved smallholders in Africa
grain in africa
of smallholders are poor driving migration & instability
0 million
suffer from hunger in Africa
aflatoxin control
of Africa’s grains are lost during storage

Our vision

Fully hermetic value chain

  • No post-harvest-losses

  • Full traceability

  • Quality assurance

  • Aflatoxin prediction

More about our vision

Where are we and where are we going?

countries where we operate
Ghana and Kenya in Africa
countries that are easy to enter
customers in Ghana & Kenya
smallholders and village aggregators
in customer segment
smallholders got a profit share
smallholders profit share
> 0
smallholders can increase profits by 50 %
metric tonnes of grain traded through our platform
trading solution
metric tonnes of grain in our segment
in aggregator credit
aggregator credits
safe debt opportunity
100 %
credit defaults or fraud
social safety mechanism
0 %
defaults through our social safety mechanism

Wanna work on it together?

We are looking for:

  • Investors with shared ambition

  • Staff to grow with

  • Partners with the same vision

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Austrian Development Cooperation
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Vestergaard impacting people
Allan Mortensen

„They made a services out of hermetic bags and combined it with financing. As agile startup they tested their solution rapidly in East and West Africa and develop machine learning solutions for aflatoxin. If they get this right there is a huge market ready for disruption.“

Allan Mortensen, Director Food, Vestergaard SA

„The loan helped me to buy more goods & increase profit.“

Godwin Oduro, Pastor & Head of Farmer Cooperative, Adidwan
Jonas Schaller

„Saving Grains is a lighthouse project for smallholder farmers and shows how digital innovation can create real impact through sustainable and social value chains.“

Jonas Schaller, fairafric AG, München
Mads Lofvall

„I know Wolfgang and Saving Grains well. They are really driven to find the fix for the grain value chain and reach millions. They excessively tested their ideas and MVPs with smallholders, traders and the industry and continue to iterate over and over… I am certain they will nail it.“

Mads Lofvall, Deputy Director, World Food Programme, Division of Innovation & Change Management
Bernhard Kowatsch

„Innovative solutions for post-harvest losses are not just big impact but can also be big business. That is exactly what Saving Grains is doing. They developed out of the World Food Programme Accelerator to use the power of social business to scale rapidly.“

Bernhard Kowatsch, Leiter des Accelerators des World Food Programmes der Vereinten Nationen

„I got extra money because I sold grain to my aggregator. This helps me a lot because fertilizer got really expensive. I will only sell to her [his aggregator] after I harvest.“

Thomas Nakuak, Smallholder, Nkoranza, Ghana
Rose Abena Appiah

„I love how the hermetic bags maintain quality without insect attack. Good quality and the credit make for good profits. It is a privelege to share those profits with farmers and see the smile on their faces!“

Rose Abena Appiah, Agri-Entrepreneur, Nkyenkye